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6. Form - Case Review Template


Name of case reviewer:



Reporting to:

e.g. Chief Executive, Chairperson etc.

Case reference:


If this record is going to be shared with others, the details of the case should be anonymised using a unique reference number or identifier.

Outstanding investigations and proceedings:

If relevant to this case, have the following been concluded:

1.    Police and social work child protection investigation? Y/N

2.    A criminal investigation by the police? Y/N

3.    Any related legal proceedings? Y/N


If the answer to any of these questions is no, the review cannot proceed.

Remit of review:

List here in bullet point form the reasons for the review




Timescales for completion:

This should be the dates when the review will begin and end with the reported findings.



How will the review be conducted?

List here the methods to be used to conduct the review; for example:

¨        a review of all paper records

¨        telephone/face to face interviews with relevant individuals

¨        contact with other organisations involved as necessary.


Are there any special considerations or features in this case?

For example, this case was reported in the press, the child involved has a learning disability.



How will the findings and recommendations be reported?





Who will the outcomes of the review be shared with?

List here all internal and external parties with whom information will be shared.








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