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Community Activities Policy

Rutherglen Glencairn Football Club

Community Activities Policy



Rutherglen Glencairn Football Club is a member of the West of Scotland Football League.  We pride ourselves in community integration at all levels.

This policy defines the Clubs Community Activities Policy.


Community Activities Policy

Rutherglen Glencairn Football Club (?The Club?) is committed to taking an active involvement in our local community. We pride ourselves in the way in which we engage with our local community, on as many levels or areas where we are able to participate.

Rutherglen Glencairn Football Club seeks to increase engagement, training provision and support amongst its community residents by working across four key themes; Health, Education, Participation and Social Inclusion. The following list is not exhaustive, but highlights some of the areas where The Club plays an active part in the local community.

·         Rutherglen Glencairn Football Club supports activity in both the local community and the wider football community.

·         The Club seeks to promote close links between The Club and its community and to introduce young people, male and female, to football as players and spectators.

·         Representatives of The Club, players, coaches or committee members, are willing to attend any event which promotes or encourages any level of football participation within Rutherglen. These may include; award evenings for local youth clubs, ad hoc coaching sessions for youth or senior football teams etc.

·         The Club will support and are willing to work with outside agencies, especially disadvantaged groups (disabled, ethnic minorities and the unemployed.)

·         As a fundamental principle the Disability Discrimination Act states that disabled people should not be treated ?less favourably, without justification?; and ?reasonable adjustments? should be made to make goods, facilities and services accessible. Rutherglen Glencairn Football Club aims to fully comply with both the provisions and spirit of the Act.

·         Rutherglen Glencairn Football Club actively supports any local charities which raise funds for football or any other sporting activity within the community.

·         The Club supports local community and schools events that promote youth football and grass roots football.

·         To encourage more people (especially children) to play football, Rutherglen Glencairn Football Club has four youth football teams at Under 21, Under 19, Under 16 and Under 15. This engages young footballers to play their football with Rutherglen Glencairn Football Club, as we recognise the requirement for a pyramid progression system for local talent which will hopefully lead to players participating in the senior team.

·         At every available opportunity to teach the necessary skills and qualities needed for future generations.

·         To promote learner confidence.

·         To highlight the benefits of an active lifestyle.

·         To encourage participation in sporting activity regardless of gender, ethnicity or disability.

·         To encourage more people (especially children) to watch football

·         To encourage more people to become interested in and support Rutherglen Glencairn Football Club. Offering concessions for admission for people over 60 and free entry for children under the age of 16 when accompanied by a paying adult.

·         To strive to be role models throughout our involvement in schools and the community.

·         Rutherglen Glencairn Football Club aims whenever possible to offer a comprehensive and inclusive programme to young people in the local community who have traditionally been excluded from mainstream sport and education provision.

·         To maximise the facilities available at our stadium and their community use.

·         To utilise the game of football, and facilities at our stadium, as a vehicle for improvements in education, health, social inclusion and participation whenever possible.

·         Regarding anti-racism initiatives, the Club supports the aims of leading initiatives such as ?Show Racism the Red Card?, to tackle problems of racism in the game, working closely with The Racial Equality Council.


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