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Stewarding Plan

Rutherglen Glencairn Football Club 

Stewarding Plan



Rutherglen Glencairn Football Club (“The Club”) is a member of the West of Scotland Football League. The Club’s stadium is located at 69 Toryglen Road, Rutherglen G73 1HZ.

The Club will provide an appropriate number of Stewards for each home game. This document details The Club’s Stewarding Plan.


Provision of Stewards

Stewarding for all home games is carried out by The Club’s committee members and additional volunteers.


Steward Supervision

The supervision of the stewards at each home game will be delegated to a senior steward appointed by The Club’s Safety Officer for each home game.


Steward Numbers

Steward numbers will vary for each game played according to the expected crowd number. The Club anticipate an average crowd capacity at each home game of between 150 and 300.  For crowds of this size the minimum number of Stewards that will be present will be as follows:


Static Posts:

Entrance Gate and Disabled Parking - 1 steward present up until half-time.

Mobile posts:

Covered enclosure - 1 steward patrolling this area.

Run-out to park from changing rooms - 1 steward patrolling this area, increasing to 2 stewards at the end of each game.

A minimum number of 4 stewards will be present and allocated stewarding positions for each home game.

For expected crowds greater than average stewarding numbers will be increased by the following numbers:

Crowds up to 1,000 - additional 2 stewards over normal level.

Crowds up to 2,000 - additional 4 stewards over normal level.

Crowds up to 1800 (maximum capacity) - additional 6 stewards over normal level.

For crowds in excess of 1,000 all stewards will get a brief before the start of the game.

Steward Training 

All stewards who assist from external parties will be trained by an approved trainer.

Stewards who assist on an infrequent basis will be "teamed" with an experienced steward, and these stewards will be briefed by the experienced steward on the duties expected of them.

The Club do not deploy any specialist stewards for disabled spectators or children, but are made aware to assist any disabled spectators if necessary to the best of their ability.


Document Control

Mandatory Review Date (To be reviewed and published annually).

Reviewed on 4th July 2020

Next review date: 4th July 2021


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